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    Default Working on a map of the United States, but beverage oriented.

    Since my side job is selling drinks (never anything new, pretty much only selling Delaware Punch and Pineapple Crush), I have set out with the task of creating a map of my state that shows beverage distribution zones for different companies, and what drinks are available in those areas. It will be free of charge, and will help anyone with a road trip determine which gas station they have to stop at before they miss the chance of buying certain drinks (Pibb Zero for those diet drinkers out there, a 12-pack of Peach Sunkist for mom, or one last bottle of Sierra Mist Cranberry, in July, for the road!), or if a 10-mile detour means tasting Grape Nehi for the first time. To do so, I need your help, Bevnet Community!

    You can post in your replies what the cooler of your favorite convenience store looks like, especially one with large varieties of the big three companies (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper-Snapple Group), or private message them to me. I hope to have at least Louisiana and parts of Texas done by Saturday of next week, and I will be taking a trip to Colorado Springs, CO over the first week of June. Hopefully this means you won't have to drive so far to get the drink you want without picking up other drinks as well. I can't always promise which drinks are at certain places, but we can at least get an idea of the distribution areas by certain companies, and who has the rights to what drink brands.

    Right now, I have just an Excel spreadsheet with the different drink brands, their flavors, and what areas in what states distribute them. The one company that has the most variations is the one that has to be walked through drink discovery over the phone by ZIP code (Dr Pepper), while Pepsi has an online locator tool, and Coke can be queried through the process through the "Ask Coke" tool. All of these companies have glitches, just like Canada Dry Blackberry has just landed in Alexandria, LA, while DPSG says the product is discontinued. I've also watched Fanta Peach being unloaded with a fresh date on the bottle while Coke told me the day before that the drink was discontinued (along with Grapefruit Fanta).

    Even a slight variation in product ownership can make a huge impact. Coke owns Dr Pepper in Alexandria, Shreveport, and Monroe, LA, while in Lafayette, Dr Pepper actually owns the rights to Pepsi. Therefore, Dr Pepper is distributed alongside 7up, Sunkist, and A&W, so while you can get Pepsi and Dew, you can't get Mug, Sierra Mist, or any Crush flavors other than grape and orange. You can, however, get every flavor of Sunkist your heart desires, all in the Pepsi swirl bottle.

    If anyone wants to post photos of their local Walmart drink aisles, that would help too! I hope to get a base map of Coca-Cola territories by next week, and usually Pepsi and 7up follow suit in their areas. Thanks for the help, and a future help for feedback!

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