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    Default When are Pepsi and Coke going to stop distributing GOOD drinks as LTO's?

    Hi, just a rant here about a subject that very much annoys me. This concerns Canada.

    I shop in the U.S. very often because I'm royally fed up with the lack of retailers / selection / competition in Canada. I spend lots of money on American soft drinks. I also often buy two specific soft drinks while down there, and those are Wild Cherry Pepsi and Coca-Cola Cherry. Now, these aren't sold in Canada, except for spurts of limited time availability. I feel a little cheesed, annoyed and like I'm being taken for a jolly good ride by these companies. You read requests for full-time availability of these drinks ALL OVER THE INTERNET and ALL THE TIME. Facebook, et al. All you hear is "Where's Cherry Coke / Pepsi in Canada?" People have got groups, blogs, and the like set up just to try and convince them to bring out the bloody cherry colas. And what do these companies do? Distribute them for a limited effing time, and then take it away when everybody's happy that the product's here. It sorta kills the moment and the mood. And sometimes, the goddamn drink disappears for years at a time.

    Look, I understand that Canada and the U.S. are different markets, AND that Canada is smaller. But come on! There's a difference between "not enough demand" and "enough demand but don't bother"! Look at back in the day: Cherry Coke and Pepsi were both rampant in this country years ago. I don't get why they won't come back permanently. It's getting frustrating to go to a local store and keep only seeing the same ol' boring standbys. What's one gotta do to get more choice?

    It's like these companies completely stopped caring about their customers and just peddle ****ty products full time and what we actually want is LTO. It's starting to make my blood boil in all honesty. It makes me very angry because I feel like Coke / Pepsi treat Americans better than Canadians, actually giving Americans what they want, and it's f___ you Canada you get far inferior choice levels and what you actually want and ask for, you only get for a month.

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