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    It's hard to remember - it's been so long. Hell, back then, they still had 16NR bottles in glass, I'm pretty sure that was the way I first tried it. I was living in Colorado, which was the test market for Crystal Pepsi. I mostly remember that it was Pepsi-esque, not as much bite. I'd say somewhere between Caffeine Free Pepsi and Pepsi Next in flavor.

    The very last one of the original formula I drank came in 1994 when I was actually working for Pepsi - one of the Pepsi machines we filled, I found a can that had fallen into the works and I fished it out. It was "OK" - certainly nothing that would provoke projectile vomiting - but not great either.
    Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!

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