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    Default Coconut Soda at Walmart and a Welch's Strawberry review

    Hello everyone,

    On Saturday, I was shopping at Walmart and of course spent quite a bit of time on the soft drink aisle like I'm sure most of you guys do too. For me, it was another disgusting experience, resulting in me shaking my head at all the same old crap and I'm still livid that my beloved Fanta Cherry is gone.

    I did notice one thing I've never seen before however, even though I find the thought of it nauseating to say the least. It was Great Value Coconut Soda in a two liter bottle. Admittedly, it looks really pretty. A clear sky blue color. Personally, I hate anything coconut flavored so I didn't purchase it, but I thought I'd pass the news on anyway in case anyone would be interested.

    I've also noticed Walmart, at least in Central California has ceased carrying the Great Value Peach Soda that I was so fond of. Thanks Walmart, you're really on a roll! Pretty much if I like it, it'll be gone before you know it.

    A while back, I posted that the Neighborhood Walmart grocery only store I go to actually carries Welch's soda, that in recent years has become as rare as hen's teeth. Last week I bought a 12 pk. of the Strawberry because it had been years since I've had it. It was okay but honestly I wasn't that impressed. I think it had been sitting on the shelves for a while because three of the cans were soft and had no carbonation. My personal opinion is that Strawberry Crush is superior to Welch's as is the Strawberry Sunkist and probably even Shasta Strawberry.

    My guess is that Welch's only puts out Grape and Strawberry now. The one Welch's Soda that I will absolutely go to the grave saying is the best of it's kind was the super rare but absolutely delicious Welch's Sparkling Punch Soda. Now that was some great stuff!!!

    Drink up men!


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