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    Default New York Seltzer Soda

    Hey men,

    I was out hunting for soft drinks this morning and stopped into a Shell Gas Station and found a variety of New York Seltzer Water, which I haven't seen since the 80s. I bought a Peach and it was rather good. I never knew they had brought this drink back.

    I also stopped into BevMo to get some Cherry Brandy but went back to look at the sodas and found a new Cherry Soda!! It's called "Dang That's Good Italian Cherry Soda and it's in a bottle. They had other flavors of this brand but of course all I was focused on was Cherry. I bought a few bottles and as soon as I got home I put one in my freezer for 45 minutes and I'm drinking it right now. It's very good. Significantly better than the last Cherry Soda I ordered, Baumeister, which was one of the biggest jokes I've ever tasted. This one I'm drinking now definitely has the classic Maraschino flavor that I love so much and is very carbonated. I'll be going back for more!

    I also bought several more glass bottles of Saranac Shirley Temple Soda, which is definitely one of my favorites. A good day of "hunting" for this woman!

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