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    Default It has arrived!!!

    For the past year, I've been lamenting and mourning a devastating loss in my life. In December of 2014, the evil doers pulled Fanta Cherry Soda from the shelves in my area. It felt like losing an arm or a leg. A void that has never been filled. I hate Coca Cola for doing such a cruel thing to me. My livelihood was ripped from me.

    Since there are literally NO pure Cherry Sodas anywhere to be found around here, all I usually drink anymore is Pibb Xtra or a new favorite concoction of mine, AJ Stephens Cream Soda with Fireball Whiskey mixed in it.

    But two drinks I've always wanted to try were Baumeister Cherry Soda and Red Ribbon Supreme Cherry Soda. Some time back, I think I wrote about it here that I went ahead and ordered some Baumeister Cherry in glass bottles and had them delivered. I was none too pleased. Instead of tasting like a cherry soda, it tasted more like Big Red Soda. I really was let down.

    With the high cost of shipping for glass bottles, I waited quite some time but over the weekend, I ordered 6 Red Ribbon Cherry Sodas and 4 Stewarts Cherries and Cream from the Soda Pop Stop. We used to carry the Stewarts Cherries and Cream around here for years but of course since I loved it, it disappeared. Big surprise! But the biggie is the Red Ribbon, which I've heard great things about.

    Moments before I began this post to my soda brothers here on this site, I was shocked to hear a UPS truck pull up since I just put in for the order on Sunday. But alas, when I opened the door the guy was standing there with a large box and I knew what it had to be. Yes, my long awaited moment is just about here. I put a bottle of the Red Ribbon Cherry in the freezer where it will spend 45 minutes then it's down my gizzard! As Fat Bastard from Austin Powers would say, "Get in my belly"!

    Wish me luck, I can't wait!!! I was SO let down after my Baumeister experience. I'm expecting better things from this one. I'll let you all know how it was.

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