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    Hi guys!

    Just your friendly cherry girl here again to report on a product. I went into BevMo today to get some cherry Brandy and cherry Vodka but I went over to look at the sodas as I usually do and bought one I haven't had in a while. It's Saranac Shirley Temple soda. Our Fresno BevMo never carries this product but our newer and much smaller BevMo in Clovis carries it once in a while.

    I bought three glass bottles of it today and as soon as one got chilled, I drank it with my lunch. Have any of you men ever tried this drink? I find it absolutely delicious! Very carbonated with a very sweet cherry flavor. I know it doesn't meet my "gold standard" of a pure cherry soda but it's probably a lot better than most of the pure cherry sodas on my list. I really need to go back and stock up on this stuff. Here's a picture of what it looks like!

    My goodness this looks good. Never tried it nor seen it.

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