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    Default Minute Maid Watermelon, Tropical Punch, Orangeade and some other items of note.

    Since Coke Consolidated(CCBCC) has come to my area the flavors have absolutely exploded in variety. Coke is supposed to be getting the aforementioned MM Watermelon soon and Trop Punch is already in some select stores(single serve only). Fanta Berry(blue kind), Peach and Mango are also becoming permanent.

    It seems coke life is going the way of the dinosaurs. Sadly it seems like it has some success but consolidated is doing away with it. 16oz varieties of core coke flavors(coke, diet coke, zero, sprite etc) are also being slowly but surely eliminated. 24oz singles are in(Yes, you read that right) and eventually 6 packs are expected to return too.

    *edit* as always if you want to see visuals of some of the stuff I find almost daily..visit my subreddit that you all are very welcome to join and post your own findings or experiences! Subscribe if you like what you see!
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