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    I usually do my grocery shopping at Walmart but sometimes have to go to Vons (Safeway) for a few items that Walmart doesn't carry. Last week I bought some Refresh Ice Wild Cherry, which is basically Safeway's version of Cascade Ice. After it got cold, I tried it and like Cascade Ice and other drinks like that, it had kind of a bitter taste but I saw some potential so I got out my Liquid Stevia and squeezed two or three drops in it and what a difference it made!

    To me, this is the closest thing to my beloved Fanta Cherry Soda they so cruelly took away from me in 2014. It's absolutely delicious and the great part is, it has zero calories! But it really does taste a lot like Cherry Fanta.

    My "go to" item as of late is Liquid Stevia. I get the generic Walmart brand and whenever I drink a diet soda or any zero calorie drink, I squeeze a couple drops in and the results are absolutely amazing! It'll make any drink taste like a regular soda. Ten times more so than liquid Splenda.

    I also got some Clear American Ice Peach Nectar at Walmart which is a no calorie drink like the Cascade Ice and again, with two drops of Stevia, it tastes like a delicious peach soda.
    I really do not have the patience to do the chemistry experiments you do. I wonder if you can get it to be that consistent in taste.

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