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    Default Passover Coke products?

    Hey guys I know this board has become way less active than in its heyday but at least we can keep the tradition of having Passover Coke search alive? Perhaps Fusion can enlighten me a little but I just did a cursory search of the Supermarkets in northern Delaware. I started with ShopRite because it's a chain headquartered in New Jersey with stores throughout the Northeast. I also canvassed The prominent stores in the Concord Pike area of Wilmington which is known as being a more heavily Jewish area. Finally I spoke with them at the Wegmans over the state line into Glen Mills, since Wegmans is in Upstate New York chain.

    No luck in any of them but Concord Pike ShopRite says they have Passover Pepsi. Not as exciting since Pepsi has had real sugar Pepsi Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist available at times throughout the last few years but I'm going to take a look anyway. I'll report back.
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