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    Where's everybody been? It's been very slow on here lately. Has anyone seen or tried the new Fanta Berry Soda at Walmart yet? I bought a 2 liter last Saturday while doing my shopping and it was really good. A thousand times better than the Fanta Mango that I never really cared for. I don't know if they have it in cans or not. My father said he thought he seen them in a Fresno Walmart but he's getting old and not very aware of his surroundings most of the time, so I don't know what to think.

    I'd also appreciate it if you'd post a link to anyone selling Fanta Cherry, the greatest drink of all time in my opinion. My neighbor across the street works at Coca Cola and said it's discontinued everywhere, a decision I'd like to kick someone in the teeth for. Yeah, let's keep that orange, strawberry and grape crap that EVERYONE has, but let's get rid of Cherry and severely limit Peach. So smart. Anyway, if anyone knows of any online store selling Fanta Cherry, please post a link for me. I'm down to my final two cans!!! Such a load of BS that this drink was discontinued.

    Thank you and I hope you guys start posting again, I miss you guys!

    Yeah I just check this board maybe once a week now if that. Fusion and I as well as some others are over on a reddit page I created that hosts new finds and hauls. Much easier to post pictures on there.

    As far as Cherry Fanta, it just wasn't that popular but I hear it may reappear. The new Fanta coming to 7-11 is Fruit Punch and exclusive to them.

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