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    Heres a picture

    In 2012, I stopped drinking soda altogether.....1 year ago, I finally caved, but I usually just drink diet soda.
    Diet Pepsi tastes horrible now, I prefer Diet Coke the most, interestingly while I think Coke Zero is still better than current Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke still tastes the best, probably because the new coke formula made for a good diet taste.
    Anyways, I will glady have a Diet Pepsi again whenever this aspartame formula comes back.

    Oh yea, Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry didn't taste that good to me either, dunno if they changed that.

    Also, while I did like the light blue label for diet pepsi (anything is better than drab gray/silver, same with diet coke)
    I would've liked to see this return
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