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    Default CAN - Cherry Coke Zero in Canada! IT MAY STAY IF IT SELLS ENOUGH!

    I guess Cherry Coke is enough of a hot item in here during its LTO runs.

    Now Cherry Coke ZERO has popped over for a visit.

    My friend surprised me last night with this news.

    I asked him where it's sold in Canada and the like, still no reply.

    The can design looks a little like European ones and it bears the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar label rather than the usual Coca-Cola Zero. It has 2 cherries drawn on it.

    Look for it and if you find it, let me know where!


    EDIT: I have 14 cases, almost 15. I also found out that it's LTO till April, BUT!! If it sells well enough, it will stay!

    Stash as of today:
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