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    You guys in Murrica get treated way better in terms of oddball sodas and selection in general. Canada is just not as wild (pun intended!) or adventurous. All we've had for the longest time is the regular sh!t, except in the 90's, we had a lot of the same stuff as the U.S.: Code Red, Twist Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi, etc. But selection has sucked major ass since about 2006-07 up here. They just aren't willing to give us choice, especially here in QC. Selection is the lowest in all of Canada. Which I don't understand because ALL those products are bilingual, just bring them! Other provinces had Cherry Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke Lime which never came to my province. So I have 2 of my favourites now in QC, and I plan to cherish them. <3 (Code Red and Cherry Pepsi)

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