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FBU Chicago: Argo Tea’s Retail Quest

We are delighted to announce that Dana Dimitri, the director of marketing for Argo Tea, will join FBU Chicago on Thursday, April 30 to talk about the way that company has grown from a small chain of local tea cafes into a ready-to-drink bottled tea brand with distribution in more than 20,000 accounts.

FBU Chicago: Bill Weiland’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Weiland will offer his take on the key characteristics of companies that help small food and beverage companies grow and move into the big leagues of retailing, as well as some of the most important practices they have demonstrated to stay there. He will also talk about his own turf -- a devoted native of Chicagoland, Weiland will provide his take on the growth pattern and key accounts for brands incubating in the Midwest.

New Beverage Showdown Returns to BevNET Live — Apply Today!

We’re pleased to announce that New Beverage Showdown, BevNET’s signature beverage brand competition, will be part of the agenda at the upcoming BevNET Live Summer ’15 conference. Since the Showdown’s debut in 2011, the level of talent and promise of these entrepreneurs and their brands has consistently risen, and we expect the trend to continue into 2015

VOSS CEO Jack Belsito Joins BevNET Live Program

Mr. Belsito will join BevNET Live in New York for an exclusive conversation that will both reflect on changes within the industry and consider a variety of growth and branding strategies that can help beverage entrepreneurs augment their chances for success at both national and local levels.