AQUAhydrate Makes Multi-Channel Distribution Gains

Achieving full availability in all 4,600 Rite Aid locations nationwide represents a significant step forward in AQUAhydrate’s efforts to penetrate into drug stores. The water will be available on ambient shelves in all Rite Aid stores and in coolers at 900 locations.

Press Clips: U.S. Congressmen Target Non-Dairy “Milks”

U.S. Congressmen lobby the FDA to ban use of the term "milk" for non-dairy products, Pepsi's CEO joins President-elect Trump's economic advisory council and a Philadelphia judge upholds the city's controversial "Soda Tax."

VPX Ends the Year with a ‘Bang’

Vital Pharmaceuticals, the maker of VPX sports drinks and supplements and Redline and Bang energy drinks, is wrapping up a busy year. In 2016 Vital launched a range of new products, increased its social media presence and expanded distribution of its brands, all of which led Gene Bukovi, the company’s Vice President of Beverage Sales, to predict the highest sales for the company in four years.

Cascara Cascade? Starbucks, More Hope So

Though Starbucks represents the largest food service platform for cascara, other coffee shops have already been making their own versions of the drink.

Bulletproof Relaunches FATwater

Nearly a year after Bulletproof’s FATwater line was recalled from the market, the enhanced waters are back with a new formulation and package.

Upstart Water Enhancer Brands Stalk MiO

As larger companies depart the category, a number of smaller, nimbler brands aimed at younger consumers have moved to occupy the fertile ground left behind.

BevNET Podcast Ep. 38: Mouthwatering Innovation? FoodMinds Says It’s In the Can.

In this edition of the BevNET Podcast, we're joined by Grant Prentice, the vice president of strategic insights for FoodMinds, a food nutrition communications and consulting firm, who talked about recent research on how packaging can impact beverage drinkers’ experiences and reinforce or complement beverage brand equities.

Video: Juicero Founder Talks Innovation & Disruption

Speaking at BevNET Live in Santa Monica, California on Dec. 6, Evans presented the story behind his latest venture - Juicero. An at-home juicer that leaves no mess by squeezing pre-packaged fruit and vegetables which are easily thrown away after use, much like a Keurig. No clean up required.

Original New York Seltzer Back in the Groove

Relaunched for the 21st century, Original New York Seltzer is adding a zero-calorie line and reworking its advertising to prove it’s about much more than 80’s nostalgia.

Evolution Fresh: Snackable Bevs Are “Center of Bullseye”

Cold-pressed juice brand Evolution Fresh is placing greater emphasis on beverages that can be consumed as snacks and is planning to launch a new line of “Organic Superfoods” smoothies next year, according to president Ryan Ziegelmann.

Video: Audacious Innovation – The Ripple Strategy

Ripple Foods co-founders Adam Lowry and Dr. Neil Renninger discuss their innovative plant-based milk alternative that uses scientific innovations to replicate the real feel of cow's milk.