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How Sparkling ICE Plans to Reach $1 Billion

Talking Rain CEO Kevin Klock didn’t mind firing a few shots at the competition during a conference call for investors conducted Thursday by Bonnie Herzog, the managing director of beverage, tobacco and consumer research for Wells Fargo Securities, LLC.

Suja Picks Up Investment from Alliance Consumer Growth

Mere months after picking up an $8 million investment at a valuation of $100 million from Boulder Brands’ venture capital arm, the cold-pressed juice company has pulled in another, undisclosed investment from investment fund Alliance Consumer Growth (ACG), a consumer-product focused group that tries to find next-generation versions of existing categories and deploy minority growth capital as fuel for their growth.

PepsiCo Renames, Tests Premium Water

Qua had originally been named Om, however, consumer testing led to the name change. It was tested Sunday at the Golden Globes, where the water was handed out at the red carpet and placed on tables at the show in hopes of reaching target influencers.

Video: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Evolution Fresh’s New $70 Million Juicery & Interview with Founder Jimmy Rosenberg

In recent interview filmed on location at the company’s vast headquarters and juicery in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., founder and “Chief Juice Officer” Jimmy Rosenberg sat down with BevNET CEO John Craven for a wide-ranging interview in which Rosenberg offers his views on the rapid emergence of the cold-pressed juice category — and its impact on the overall juice market — as well as his long term vision for Evolution Fresh.

Project Juice + First Beverage

Taking a gamble that the future of beverage – specifically, juice — is going to include snatching meal occasions from quick-serve restaurants and soda companies alike, First Beverage Ventures has invested in Project Juice, a combination storefront and packaged fresh juice operation from the San Francisco Bay area.

A Pair of Aseptic Juice Companies Rise on the Coasts

From Southern California, Juiceology is two years into a marketing push that saw a cattle family from Brazil try its hand at a branded product in the U.S. Founded by Brazilian national Felipe Davila, the products include flash-pasteurized, aseptically-filled refrigerated juices that are blended with whole grain extracts for a higher fiber content to promote satiety. Another juice company, New Jersey-based Mojo Organics, recently launched behind a line of juices licensed from Chiquita Brands.

Red Bull Gives Evian Wheels

Danone Waters of America (DWA), the makers of evian spring water, announced last week that it will test a distribution partnership with Red Bull Distribution Company (RBDC). The test will focus on small format channels such as convenience, drug, select food service and specialty retail stores in southern California and central/southern Florida, two of evian’s key markets.

Study Substantiates Cognitive Effects of 5-Hour Energy

While the conductors of the study didn’t overtly recommend 5-hour Energy, which holds nearly 91 percent of the market share for energy shots, according to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, the results indicate that the beverage does indeed sharpen cognitive functions for a six-hour period of time.

Beverage or Supplement? FDA Issues Industry Guidance

In its “Guidance for Industry: Distinguishing Liquid Dietary Supplements from Beverages” the FDA updated its 2009 draft guidance, explaining its current thinking on the topic as a way “to help dietary supplement and beverage manufacturers and distributors determine whether a product in liquid form is properly classified as a dietary supplement or as a beverage.”

Video: Mamma Chia CEO – Mainstream Has Been “Phenomenal” for Us

In a recent interview, Mamma Chia CEO Janie Hoffman explained that sales of of its chia-infused drinks have “doubled, if not tripled, with going into mainstream,” in large part due to rapidly growing awareness of chia — and its nutritional content — among mainstream consumers, and noted that the rapid and positive trajectory of the brand has given it the ability to innovate and take a leadership position in the world of chia.

New Coke-backed Stevia

A new stevia sweetener jointly developed by The Coca-Cola Co. and said to have a closer taste to table sugar than other stevia products has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On Monday, the FDA issued a No Objection GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) letter to Pure Circle, one that will allow the stevia producer to supply its Rebaudioside M (Reb M) ingredient for use in food and beverages.

MetaBrand, 6Pacific Start MetaFund

Schnell, the CEO of outsource consulting firm MetaBrand, has teamed with 6Pacific Capital, a West Coast private equity fund, to make investments in early-stage health and wellness companies doing business in food, beverage, and nutrition.

Eisner Returns, While Tata and Mirza Are Out Of Activate

Eisner, who co-created the brand with Burke Eiteljorg as the Rising Beverage Co., Inc. in 2005, announced Friday that he was buying the company back from its current investors and that he would be taking over the position of President. Craig Berger was taking on a dual COO/CFO role while current president Reza Mirza was departing.