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  • Guest on 7/28/2013
    3I like the concept for a bedside water bottle and wish I could find the product again near where I live. However, I wish the bottle & cup were BPA free.
  • Jack on 1/21/2012
    1Their water is expensive so most stores, restaurants and hotels do not want it. Their bottle is plastic with a cup on top of it so the fine restaurants that would buy an expensive say that they do not want a plastic bottle with a plastic cup on their table along with their fine stemware, nice plates, silverware and table cloth. Food and beverage managers say things like " what am i supposed to do with this stupid cup on my nice table". Furthermore the bottles are hard to handle, it is hard for bartenders and stocking people to grab the bottles out of the case because many times the cup falls off the bottle when you grab it, then you have to grab the bottle with your other hand and then put the loose cup back on the bottle. It is an annoying problem that is not worth the trouble. It is good for hotel rooms and for by the pool but getting hotels to pay the high price that they want for this water is hard to accomplish.

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