Attitude Drink Company

Address11300 US Highway One
St. 207
North Palm Beach, FL
Last Updated8/20/2008

User Reviews (1)

  • Lloyd Housh on 4/27/2013
    5A really great tasting product and would be first choice on a blind taste test. I would like to see a unbiased blind taste test of the product with other ready to drink products, am sure it would win. Made from real milk, not a soy oil combined product. It's hard to find a product with high protein that has good taste and no lingering protein after taste. The shelf life is excellent at one year. A great product for after exercise with high protein and carbs to replenish the needs of your body. Should be made as a choice to all high school/college cafeteria's as a replenishment drink product for post exercise and in gym vending machines, it is ready to drink. This is not just another syrup upped, caffeine enhanced product added to water, or a powder added to whatever, its ready as is. Should also be made available as a "healthy" choice drink at leading fast food chains as a to go item.

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