Bug Juice Brands, Inc.

Address7701 Grand River, Suite 2
Brighton, MI 48114
United States of America
Phone(810) 225-3200
Fax(810) 225-3212
Last Updated8/31/2011

User Reviews (2)

  • Guest/Walt on 10/9/2014
    5What happened to the bubble gum? out of stock for 2 + months. Lots of sad kiddies in C-Stores!
  • Guest on 6/20/2013
    2I really like the size, shape, and cap design of your beverage for young kids and toddlers. It is user friendly. Some suggestions for parents who are somewhat health or anti-stain conscious. Sell water in the same bottles-When on the run it is impossible to walk into a quick shop and get a simple small sized pop top water for young kids. Put real juice in this size bottles or create a flavored juice that no matter what the flavor it contains no color (thus no big blue or red stains running down a toddlers outfit). I generally purchase 1 or 2 Bug Juices for each of my kids over the course of the summer and reuse the bottles for as long as possible. A content other than brightly colored sugar water would make them better suited for more frequent purchases - as we are often on the go.

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