Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation

AddressClearly Canadian
220 Viceroy Road
Vaughan, Ontario L4K3C2
Last Updated8/31/2011
Description Founded in British Columbia, Canada, in 1988, many call Clearly Canadian the original New Age sparkling beverage. After extensive consumer research, the brand has been expertly redesigned, repackaged and reformulated to appeal to today’s consumer as the “Healthier Sparkling Beverage”. With only 25 calories per serving, it comes in 4 delicious natural flavors; Wild Raspberry, Mountain Blackberry, Orchard Peach and Black Cherry....Read More

User Reviews (6)

  • Guest on 8/12/2013
    5We can't find Clearly Canadian in MN or Washington DC. COME BACK, PLEASE - and if you can bring strawberry/melon back, you'll have a friend for life!
  • dishonored on 1/27/2013
    2.5I honestly just want my strawberry melon flavor back, preferably in the old glass bottles. the new stuff isn't very good at all. they should just bring back the old clearly.
  • BJ on 11/25/2012

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