Cornucopia Beverages Co.

Address1 Executive Park Drive
Bedford, NH 3110
United States of America
Phone(603) 627-6126
Last Updated8/31/2011
Description Moxie Energy differentiates itself on taste. While it still packs the same energy punch, Moxie Energy is smooth to sip. Now available in a big, resealable bottle – Moxie Energy will be there for you all day long.

User Reviews (4)

  • Swedeboat on 1/13/2015
    5We moved from NH to southern VA and could not find Moxie anywhere around here. We saw a story on the Educational TV station about "Rocket Fizz" located in Cary, NC (near Raleigh) We made a trip there this weekend, they were almost cleaned out of Moxie, it seems there are a lot of people in the area that also like it. We are on their list and will be contacted when more Moxie arrives. Nice to know we can still get Moxie down here, even if we have to travel a bit.
  • Moxie4meplease on 2/17/2014
    5I love Moxie but I can not find it in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Can they not partner with a local distributor?
  • Nancy on 10/2/2011
    5I love Moxie and have for over 50 years. My only problem is finding it. I live in Texas now, and fill my suitcases with Moxie when I come to NH. Where can I find it in this area?

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