Exteme East Coast Beverages, LLC

Address6012- J Old Pineville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
Last Updated8/11/2008
Description Extreme East Coast is a beverage supplier and the exclusive manufacture and license holder of the Ed Hardy Energy Drink.

We offer a product line consisting of 4 flavors in 8.4oz and 16oz size pacakages. The Flavors are- Apple, Pomagrante, Orange and Sugar Free.

We also have a Structured water product packaged in a 16.9 oz bottle.

We are distribted by Southen Wine and Spirits in the western and southwestern region of the United States and by Glazers in Lousiana.

For distribuition/purchase inquires please refer to our website or call directly -www.extremeeastcoast.com

Please see www.donedhardy.com for information on the Ed Hardy Lifestyle Brand.

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