Global Distribution & Consulting

Address1332 N. Detroit street Suite 3
Los Angeles, , California 90046
Last Updated7/25/2007
Description We are an International Export Import and Consulting Co. based in Los Angeles, California.
Global Distribution & Consulting is involved in bilateral trade between the United States of America and Europe.
We specialize in a wide selection of exclusive gourmet foods, canned foods, juice and juice concentrate, energy drinks, confectionery goods, chocolate and nutrition bars.
We proudly offer a wide variety of the highest quality European products, uniting high quality and modern technologies with the finest ingredients available.
Also we can offer merchandise encompasses a wide array of name-brand closeout and regularly available consumable products including food and beverages, health and beauty aids, and household supplies.
We are considering to share, and offer to our business partners in Europe and USA variety of your products for their revue and marketing research. I would like to ask you to send us your marketing brochure, catalog, samples and price list as well.

Best regards,
Michael Krakov
President & CEO

Global Distribution & Consulting
1332 N. Detroit street Suite # 3
Los Angeles, CA 90046
1-323-851-7748 Phone
1-702-433-1433 Fax
1-818-284-1391 Cell
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