Hint, Inc.

Address2124 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Last Updated10/5/2009
Description Hint is pure healthy water, nature's original refreshment, lightly infused with all-natural flavors - a refreshing alternative to soda's, juice and other sweetened drinks. Hint has Zero Sweeteners, Zero Calories and Zero Preservatives. Hint is light refreshing and never sweet. Water that just tastes better.tm Doctors agree that good old H20 is, without question, the most beneficial liquid we can drink, but how much plain water can you drink before craving something more? Ideal for home or on-the-go, Hint quenches even the most powerful thirst and gives bodies young and old what they need most. Give me a Hint! ...Read More

User Reviews (4)

  • Teri Calhoun on 11/25/2012
    5Dear Guest, according to this chart pH 5 is not that acidic considering the pH of water is
    7. My concern is where the company gets the water. http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/Chem_AcidsBasespHScale.shtml
  • Guest on 8/1/2012
    2This product is extremely acidic.. I noticed they dont post the PH level of the water either on the bottle (as most good waters do these days) or on their website! I ran a home ph test on the water and it came out to be extremely acidic.. I urge anyone else to do the same or at the very minimum to suggest that they post the information on their website. This is the problem with bottled water companies, they are not obligated to report results of water testing, they are not properly regulated by the FDA, chances are the water from your tap is better for you. I was very disappointed to find out how acidic this water was. 5.0 PH
  • Daniel on 4/3/2012
    5very awesome!

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