Holy Kombucha, Inc.

Address3789 N Beach St
Suite 209
Fort Worth, Texas 76137
United States
Last Updated9/12/2012
Description Drink Well. Do Better. Cultivated to be a "higher brew" with a "higher purpose", HolyKombucha is my name.
Cheers to brewing bubbly artisan batches of "holy" (or wholly) palatable goodness that'll leave you refreshed, vibrant and purified! Many find that kombucha helps increase energy and awareness by aiding in digestion and detox, thus keeping you well-balanced.
Cheers to brewing happiness in the lives of those who would otherwise be forgotten. As you drink "the holy", be delighted that you're contributing to transform the lives of children and families from harm into harmony.
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User Reviews (1)

  • Chanel on 9/10/2013
    5These guys are awesome people and their kombucha is, well, divine! ;)

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