Icelandic Glacial

Address2862 Columbia Street
Torrance, CA 90503
United States
Phone(424) 201-6800
Fax(424) 201-6810
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Last Updated8/31/2011
Description From one of the cleanest environments on the planet comes a multi-award winning natural spring water of unique taste and exceptional purity.

Icelandic Glacial is bottled at source from the legendary Ölfus spring; a naturally replenishing resource formed over 4500 years ago, and boasts an ideal Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) level of 68ppm.

Nothing is ever added to Icelandic Glacial or taken away, to ensure a Natural Spring water of the very highest quality with exceptional purity.

Available in 500ml, 750ml sports cap and 1 Litre single serve, along with multi-pack options.
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