It's Moringa

Address4 South Orange Ave
South Orange, NJ 07079
United States
Last Updated6/20/2011
Description It's Moringa, awarded the "Best of the Press" at Natural Products Expo East 2010 (see, is an innovative natural foods company dedicated to developing and promoting premium juice smoothies and herbal teas based on the moringa plant. It's Moringa beverages combine the health benefits of moringa with great taste to increase energy naturally, nourish the body’s immune system and provide a general feeling of wellness. It’s Moringa is dedicated to promoting wellness, for individuals and the global community through the company’s dynamic It’s Moringa, It’s for Life Campaign to end hunger and malnutrition through vibrant partnerships with Vitamin Angels ( and Nourish America ( ...Read More

User Reviews (1)

  • Guest on 8/18/2011
    5This is a company doing things right with a great ingredient. Go It's Moringa

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