LANILAI Relaxation Drink

Address1321 NE Couch St.
Portland, OR 97232
United States
Last Updated2/21/2012
Description LANILAI Relaxation Drink - a hawaiian natural beverage conceived on the northshore of Oahu to be the most functionally packed beverage aimed at positive mind focus, health and relaxation.

All of LANILAI® Relaxation Drinks are produced from the best source of water and ingredients to provide improved mind focus, mental health and positive relaxation. We have extracted from the finest organic farms of fruits to bring high quality and the best tasting health drink. LANILAI captures the spirit of Aloha to be enjoyed in social gathering and tribal events.

We provide the most functionally packed, all natural relaxation beverages for positive mind focus, health and relaxation. LANILAI® Relax - Refocus - Rejuvenate