Luvli Juices, Inc.

Out of Business or Inactive

Address374 Congress Street, Suite 304
Suite 304
Boston, MA 2210
Last Updated8/11/2011
Description Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Luvli Juices is a premium, all-natural vegetable juice company. Dedicated to producing great tasting and healthy vegetable-based beverages, the company strives to offer consumers a new low-calorie, high-nutrition option in the beverage category that supports today’s active lifestyles. Founded in 2005, Luvli Juices acquired EIEIO veggie juices, revamped the recipes and relaunched the well-respected juice line as Luvli Juices. Founder Karsten Robbins’ dream of marrying his passions for food, health and business were realized when the company launched its first flavors on September 1, 2005.