Meridian Beverage Company

AddressDoraville, GA
United States of America
Phone(800) 728-1481 ext305
Last Updated8/31/2011

User Reviews (5)

  • Haley on 11/29/2014
    5When I was a child my grandmother would buy case upon case of the Meridian Clear lemon lime flavored water. It was my favorite drink and remains so even though I haven't had any in years. One day it just disappeared. After more than 10 years of buying this product almost religiously and then missing it all the time, I would gladly spend all the money I use for Coca Cola to buy this drink. Isbit available anywhere? If anyone knows please tell me!
  • Vicki on 1/10/2014
    5I would love to find Meridian Clear Water in the stores again. It's the best flavored water I have ever had and miss it a great deal. I live in Tennessee and it's a shame to not be able to find it when it's made in a neighboring state.
  • Guest on 8/13/2013
    5Does Meridian Water still exist? I so where can I find it at or can it be brought online?

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