Mojo Beverage International

Address43 Barkley Circle
Suite 203
Fort Myers, FL 33907
United States
Last Updated12/6/2012
Description Mojo Beverage International is the manufacturer of Mojo Boost and Mojo Chill - designer functional beverages for the purposes of energy, sexual stimulation, and stress & anxiety relief.

User Reviews (4)

  • Randall from LA on 6/27/2012
    4.5I've had Mojo Boost a few times and it was a blast. It felt like a mixture of Red Bull (without the caffeine jitters) and a small amount of Viagra. I DID NOT NEED the Viagra, but it was really fun nonetheless. I'd like to try it some more.
  • Marlena on 1/31/2012
    5I had the Mojo Boost in Hong Kong - lets just say it was the best mixer I ever had (maybe not meant to be a mixer but what cool side-effects...).
  • Guest on 10/25/2011
    4.5I really enjoyed the Mojo Boost. The flavor with my favorite Vodka was amazing..... I then Tried their Mojo Chil, WOW, that Creamsicle flavor...... and I was totally relaxed. I want more now!!!!!!!!

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