Mooreganics - A.M. Todd

Address9047 Sutton Place
Hamilton, OH 45011
United States
Last Updated8/10/2011
Description As part of the privately-owned A.M. Todd Group, the Ingredients | Flavors Division is a Global creator and manufacturer of mint oils, flavorings, and taste modifying materials. Although previously known primarily for it's expertise in Mint, A.M. Todd offers a full line of Certified Organic Ingredients and Flavors. The Mooreganics line includes: Natural, Certified Organic flavors, All USDA Organic, IFOAM certified flavors are available in any form required for applications. Isolates - Concentrates, Distillates and Extracts that are physically separated or extracted from the named source and are considered "clean label". Certified USDA Organic, IROAM and Fair Trade.