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Address11444 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone(310) 966-5800
Fax(310) 966-5801
Last Updated8/20/2008
Description No question about it – at POM Wonderful, we’re passionate about pomegranates.

As the largest grower of pomegranates in the United States, it’s our goal to bring one of the oldest fruits known to man into the home of more people for eating, drinking and decorating.

That’s why you’ll find all kinds of interesting pomegranate recipes that we’ve developed on our website. That’s why we’ve consulted top decorators to give you their very best ideas for using fresh pomegranates in your home. And that’s why, we’ve provided information on the scientific research studies that have been published using the Wonderful variety of pomegranate and it’s juice.

Throughout the world, the pomegranate has long been associated with good health. We decided to separate the legend from the facts. With more polyphenol antioxidants than in other beverages, research shows that pomegranate juice may help guard the body against free radicals, nasty little molecules that may be the cause of a myriad of diseases.

It’s our belief that just about everyone may benefit from this legendary fruit…and that’s why our quest to find out more about the pomegranate is so important.

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