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  • Guest on 4/18/2014
    5This is just desserts for a sweat-shop employer with no regard for employee or public safety. Owner Jim Duffy has a troubling history of abuse, violence and other twisted paranoid acts while "leading" his company.

    The glorious Protica story begins with Duffy's theft of the Actinase protein formula from his former employer. He was aided by his wife Monique (technical writer for the same company) and his patent lawyer brother.

    Protica has been shut down for months, but Duffy keeps this a guarded secret in order to keep selling his tainted products. The website is still up and will take your money. Buyer Beware!!! You will get product that was subject to FDA recall. He can't sell it to retailers, but will unload it to online consumers without conscience. Google "Protica FDA" for the complete laundry list of violations Duffy has racked up during his decade-long fantasy league enterprise.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from Protica. If Jim Duffy, Monique Duffy or law-breaking HR stooge Vicki Burns resurface in the food and beverage industry, do not do business with them. Your health and well being will be at risk.
  • Guest on 4/3/2014
    1"Protica Out of Business"

    This is a victory for honest food/beverage manufacturers everywhere. Company owners (Jim and Monique Duffy) have no regard for consumer safety. Thanfully, nobody was seriously injured by their callous disregard for FDA regulations and food safety.

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