Skae Beverages International, LLC

Address60 Dutch Hill Road
Suite 9
Orangeburg, NY
Last Updated11/19/2009
Description New Leaf Brands, Inc. is a beverage and sales organization dedicated to bringing all natural quality products to today's consumers. New Leaf is a culmination of health and flavor; a combination that is seldom found in today's market. New Leaf Brands, Inc. encourages consumers to turn over a New Leaf. New Leaf comes in 12 fantastic all-natural flavors and 2 Diet versions. With the use of Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup, New Leaf's clean and smooth flavor is unmatched. The elegant bottling and refined label artistry finish off New Leaf's total package. New Taste. New Look. New Leaf....Read More

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  • Guest on 3/16/2012
    5New Leaf is the best tasting Tea and Lemonade on the market today. The flavor profile is second to none. You have to try some today!!

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