Talking Rain Beverage Co., Inc.

AddressPO Box 549
30520 SE 84th St.
Preston, WA 98050
United States
Phone(425) 222-4900
Fax(425) 222-4901
Last Updated11/14/2008

User Reviews (9)

  • Larry S on 4/13/2015
    5The Sparkling Teas are the best, refreshing and delicious!
  • James on 7/24/2014
    5I tried your sparkling ice drinks and it beats soda! I wish you could change the sucralose sweetener with a healthier alternative, but overall this product is awesome! Definitely mends well through the hot and humid summer months! Your Cherrylimeade, and lemonade flavors are tops!! Keep up the good work ! :)

    James, Encinitas, CA.!
  • Guest on 8/29/2013
    5I think Talking Rain realized and helped join in the latest revolutionary idea of healthy living with taste. Whether the product is not perfect, it is safe to say a soft drink of any brand would be worse than a Sparkling ICE drink. Trying ever flavor they have to this day, a few aren't to my taste but the rest are amazing. While prices are fairly up there considered to soft drinks. Given time I can safely assure prices will reduce, or the growing economy will make them fight soda as a large competitor. I rarely find something deserves high appraise, but I can safely back my support behind companies like Talking Rain producing safer and tasty drinks to help switch up the ususal blandness behind water. I highly recommend the product, and believe after finding the right flavor will be a common item on the shopping list afterwards. Last note with any health-nut concerned people. Water is always the best, and Sparkling ICE has a couple things in it to concern sensitive people, or those concerned of certain sweeteners. Realize the drink itself is much healthier than soda. Any amount of studies I believe will agree that drinking one of these over a soda will result in better health choices.

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