Talking Rain Beverage Co., Inc.

AddressPO Box 549
30520 SE 84th St.
Preston, WA 98050
United States
Phone(425) 222-4900
Fax(425) 222-4901
Last Updated11/14/2008

User Reviews (7)

  • Guest on 8/29/2013
    5I think Talking Rain realized and helped join in the latest revolutionary idea of healthy living with taste. Whether the product is not perfect, it is safe to say a soft drink of any brand would be worse than a Sparkling ICE drink. Trying ever flavor they have to this day, a few aren't to my taste but the rest are amazing. While prices are fairly up there considered to soft drinks. Given time I can safely assure prices will reduce, or the growing economy will make them fight soda as a large competitor. I rarely find something deserves high appraise, but I can safely back my support behind companies like Talking Rain producing safer and tasty drinks to help switch up the ususal blandness behind water. I highly recommend the product, and believe after finding the right flavor will be a common item on the shopping list afterwards. Last note with any health-nut concerned people. Water is always the best, and Sparkling ICE has a couple things in it to concern sensitive people, or those concerned of certain sweeteners. Realize the drink itself is much healthier than soda. Any amount of studies I believe will agree that drinking one of these over a soda will result in better health choices.
  • Robin on 2/7/2013
    5I live in Augusta, GA and just stumbled on this at Wal Mart and I am in love. Like alot of people my New Year resolution is to loose weight, which means drinking alot of water, and except for the sacralose that sweetens it, it is absolutely FREE! I have tasted all but 3 flavors and in those only one that leaves a taste in my mouth like diet soda, strawberry/kiwi. I have told everyone I know about it, several are of the same opinion as me, WE LOVE IT! Keep it coming to the good ole SOUTH!
  • Jill on 9/23/2012
    5My family has been drinking ICE forever. BUT in the last few months QFC has been out of one flavor after another until all that was left yesterday was Kiwi Strawberry. What's going on!

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