The Currant Company

Address59 Walnut Lane
Staatsburg, NY 12580
Last Updated5/8/2009
Description The Currant Company,, is privately-held and was founded in 1999 by Greg Quinn, a culinary and horticulture expert. CurrantC’s new flavor line-up is presented in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. The company offers a CurrantC Black Currant Boysenberry Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Strawberry/Kiwi Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Clementine Nectar, CurrantC Black Currant Passion Fruit Nectar, and CurrantC Black Currant Blueberry Nectar in addition to its original CurrantC All Natural Black Currant Nectar. In every flavor, the healthy black currant is the predominant fruit. The Currant Company is expected to give hope to a struggling New York farming industry with one of the first, potentially-viable crops to come along in many decades – black currants. The Currant Company is located in Clinton, New York, an area in the Hudson Valley well-known for its culinary and farming heritage. ...Read More


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