Unique Beverage Company, LLC

AddressP.O. Box 2246
Everett, WA 98213-0246
United States
Phone(425) 267-0959
Last Updated3/23/2006

User Reviews (7)

  • deattaparham on 10/8/2013
    5Absolutely the best drink and no calories.. yeahhhhh. However, I am in California and Lucky's discontinued the Watermelon/Blueberry. May I order it directly from you. My husbands and I love it.
  • Guest on 10/27/2012
    50 calories
    intriguing taste combinations
  • Guest on 9/7/2012
    4.5I like your Cascade drinks. However, you don't list all the ingredients as follows:
    carbonated water, citric acid, pear juice concentrate, potassium benzoate (preservative), natural flavor, potassium citrate, sucralose, gum arabic, glycerol ester of wood rosin. Where is the key ingredient listed, such as coconut or organge mango to name just a couple. Natural flavor?

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