Latest News from BevNET Live Summer 2014

BevNET Live: Honest’s Goldman and Nalebuff on Partnership

Goldman and Nalebuff will provide a special highlight during BevNET Live in Manhattan, speaking on the best practices for building and maintaining a partnership as entrepreneurs. The pair have been an open case study in partnership, exploring that idea, along with company leadership, structure, culture and tone in their business dealings and now in print.

BevNET Live Summer ’14 Sampling Bar Now Open

NOW is your opportunity to include your brand as part of the “Sampling Bar” at our upcoming BevNET Live Summer ’14 event. The Sampling Bar is a free promotional opportunity that enables you to have samples of your product in an unmanned area designed to showcase new, innovative or successful beverage brands to the over 500 beverage industry professionals, including investors, distributors and retailers, expected to attend BevNET Live.

BevNET Live: Defying Financial Detours

Detours and ramifications don't have to mean the end to the enterprise; however, they do mean that options must be evaluated. hat's why BevNET is featuring a set of case studies involving the Bricktown Group and General Capital Partners as part of BevNET Live in Manhattan.

BevNET Live: Mamma Chia's Janie Hoffman on "The Entrepreneur as Brand"

BevNET is delighted to present a talk with Janie Hoffman, the founder and CEO of Mamma Chia, on what happens when a brand and its founder are inextricably linked in the consciousness of the public and of the industry. When you're an entrepreneur without a huge marketing budget, and you're aiming to shake up the market, it happens: the founder's story becomes the key window into the product and its larger meaning. In effect, the founder becomes the brand.

Zevia CEO Paddy Spence to present at BevNET Live

Mr. Spence, the CEO of Zevia, will be speaking on the ways that the brand has managed to stay lean while growing to more than $60 million in retail sales last year, as well as the pattern recognition moment that took place as the company's message pivoted to focus on a growing marketplace retreat from artificial sweeteners and creating an "easy switch" for existing diet soda consumers.