2014 Functional Beverage Guide

The 2014 Functional Beverage Guide is the only guide showcasing beverage brands by function, and it's the only one that focuses on the companies that supply goods and services to functional beverage brands.

Brands will be listed alphabetically, tagged with their functional attributes (i.e. energy, relaxation), and will be indexed by function at the start of the guide.  Suppliers of products and services that are used by functional beverage manufacturers will be listed alphabetically as well.

Building off the success of the 2013 version, which featured almost 200 products, the 2014 Functional Beverage Guide will be a key resource for retailers and distributors seeking to fill out their shelves with the functional brands that an ever-increasing number of consumers are demanding.

The guide will be distributed to the 26,000 readers in BevNET Magazine as a special section in the March 2014 issue and it will also be promoted to the 100,000 monthly readers of BevNET.com.

Deadline: February 10th, 2014.  Expected publish date of the guide is March 2014.

Each listing type allows certain types of images and follows a specific guide format.  Magazine ads with custom artwork can be purchased as well.  Contact us for more information on that.

Please contact John Fischer with any questions at jfischer@bevnet.com or 857-472-3071

To see the 2013 Functional Beverage Guide, please visit http://issuu.com/bevnet/docs/2013-functionalbeverageguide

-We will not allow multiple SKUs in one image in the Basic Brand Listing or Highlighted Brand Listing.  Purchase the Featured Listing for a group shot of multiple SKUs.
-Brand name is not necessary in the product variations.
-Descriptive text is not allowed in the Basic Brand Listing or Highlighted Brand Listing. Only brand name, product variations, and packaging options are allowed there.  Purchase the Featured Listing to include descriptive text.
-Keep your eye on the preview on the right.  If the information does not fit contact John Fischer for assistance.


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Highlighted Beverage Brand Listing - $279 Same as standard but includes a lighter background behind your listing to make it stand out on the printed page.
Featured Beverage Brand Listing - $899 A quarter-page in size (4x larger than Standard and Highlighted listings) - includes a larger image, and includes the same info about your brand, variations, functional attributes, functional attributes, and packaging options, plus a up to 500 character description of your brand. In addition to the contact info being in the appendix, you may also include it in your 500 character description. The image can be of one single SKU or a group shot.
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Please contact John Fischer with any questions at jfischer@bevnet.com or 857-472-3071