Phenoh Inc. - Beverage Broker

Job Title: Beverage Broker
Company: Phenoh Inc.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry Sectors: Beverage - Non Alcoholic
Job Categories: Sales
Date Posted: 12/13/2013
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Phenoh Inc is going to be beginning production of it's flagship beverage product and looking for a broker to help us make sales and expand distribution.  Phenoh produces the first alkaline sports drink made from organic ingredients and natural minerals.  We need a Broker with experience and a roledex compatible with our product.  We will initially target natural matkets (whole foods, Trader Joes, etc.) sports stores, and gyms.  We will later expand into more mainstream marketplaces. 

We are located in San Francisco and will be rolling out initially in the San Francisco Bay area with rapid expansion via Ecommerce and by expanded distribution.  

Our product are very unique and we need a passionate, well spoken, hard working broker to understand our products, embody our brand, and promote the differences of our product to what exists today.