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This is a unique opportunity to enter the booming kombucha and probiotic industry with a distinctive proposition to existing kombucha brewers and products.

The kombucha market is rapidly growing and expanding with high demand for exciting new products. If you are looking to get started without having to deal with the long process of planning, permitting, equipment purchases, and licensing then this is an ideal offering. Or if you are already an established company looking to expand your product line then this could be a way to expand your sku’s and have a market ready product hit the shelf in no time. 

All offers and terms are open for discussion. Products are currently being manufactured in our own USDA organic facility in San Diego. Facility could potentially be used by new owner to produce products while in transition or move is taking place.

Sale price includes trademarks, accounts, certifications, contacts, website, domains, inventory, product formulas, art work and possible sale of packaging and filling equipment which can be customized or modified to the new owners specifications with little downtime. 

Equity partnership would be ideal for anyone or company that would like to join forces and has a solid understanding of the organic and natural foods sector while acting strategically to help take the business to the next level in the rapidly growing kombucha and probiotic market. Open to all interests and offerings.

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Posted at 12/29/2016 1:59 PM