OJO Available on

New York, December 29, 2011: OJO fortified eye care nectar, the world’s first Dr. formulated eye care beverage that helps protect and preserve vision, is thrilled to announce the product…

Pitaya Plus Sprouts in First Year

In the 11 months since its debut, Pitaya Plus has made significant strides in the distribution of its antioxidant-rich beverage. Despite hitting the market at a time when U.S. consumer knowledge of pitaya is very low (it’s more common name, dragon fruit, is a little better known), Pitaya Plus has resonated with natural foods retailers and consumers who have taken to its message of health and wellness and applauded the company’s focus on fair and sustainable business practices.

FRS: “Tebow Effect” in Full Force

The Denver Broncos might have lost last Sunday, but they’re still “Tebowing” at FRS. The functional beverage company, which relies on the antioxidant quercetin to provide an energy boost, has…

Video: New Beverage Showdown Presentations from BevNET Live Winter 2011 – Part 1

After an energetic and dramatic debut at BevNET Live Summer 2011, BevNET reprised the “New Beverage Showdown” at our recent winter conference in Santa Monica. The beverage brand competition - developed in partnership with Coke's Venturing and Emerging Brands Unit – offers the founders of six new companies the opportunity to showcase their business plan and products in front of a panel of expert judges. Here are the first three presentations, from Joia, HDX, and Jetway; you’ll be able to view the remaining three tomorrow.

Review: Aloe Gloe

Aloe Gloe, which is a product of LA Libations that was announced this Fall, is an aloe vera enhanced beverage that’s taking a different path than the products that typically…