Issue #427 - July 26, 2014
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Harmless Harvest

BevNET's Quick Take

BevNET HQ recently received word that Harmless Harvest was going to be re-launching its coconut water with a bit of a twist – the product is the first 100% raw RTD coconut water on the market.  Packaged in a somewhat surprising 8 oz. PET bottle, the product seems to be a bit at odds with the current trend of Tetra-Pak or light block PET bottles we see currently dominating the coconut water category. The label’s front panel is clean and has an almost charming hand drawn feel to it, with the words “100% Raw Coconut Water” front and center and impossible to miss. Our quick take is that while this product looks great and is attempting to carve out its own unique space in the coconut water market, it will be interesting to see how this product’s shelf life (it requires constant refrigeration) helps or hinders the brand as it competes against the wide variety of shelf stable options. Also, it will be interesting to monitor how consumers respond to a new brand (with a smaller 8 oz. offering) amongst the multi-SKU presence of other brands already in the market.

Manufacturer's Brand Overview
Our coconut water has the same mineral nutruent balance as the liquid in the cells of our body. That's why its Nature's perfect creation for rapid, restoring, rehydration. With loads of the 5 essential electrolytes including plenty of potassium & magnesiun, our green coconuts are picked at the perfect moment to ensure peak nutrient levels & maximum potency.

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100% Raw Coconut Water
100% Raw Coconut Water

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