Alkaline88 Now Available at Ingles Markets

Ingles has been a leading regional supermarket chain with 203 stores serving the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Le Herbe Launches Cannabis Cocktail Mixers

These adult-use beverages will feature local organic ingredients, sun grown cannabis, seasonal holiday blends, and distributed only in the finest select dispensaries in legalized states.

Calypso Lemonades Announces Island of Treasure Sweepstakes

Calypso’s Island of Treasure Sweepstakes is part of Calypso Lemonade Month (#CalypsoLemonadeMonth), in which the Company is featuring a different Calypso lemonade flavor every day on social media and is holding daily giveaways with trivia, games and other contests.

EarthWater Launches ZenFul

ZenFul is free from all sugars, carbs, GMO’s or sweeteners and is a zero calorie drink with vital trace minerals derived from natural earthen sources.

PowerBar Launches Clean Whey Protein Drinks

Made with 15g of whey protein, 0g sugar, 70 calories, and seven high quality ingredients, this protein beverage is a light, refreshing alternative to a traditional dairy-based protein shake and can be used during or after a workout, as a healthy snack or meal replacement.