Munkijo Offers Range of Pure Coconut Products

With deep roots in the past and a keen vision for the future, the family-owned Munkijo has not only emerged as a leading source of premium-quality coconut items but as a welcome alternative to the many mass-produced coconut products on the market today backed by impersonal global conglomerates and awash in exaggerated marketing hype.

G3 Labs Announces Team of Sponsored Athletes

Sports nutrition company G3 Labs, Inc. has announced Team minoTOR, a diverse group of athletes that range from professional obstacle course racers, boxers, powerlifters, figure competitors and strongmen.

Minute Maid Launches Three ‘Spicy’ New Flavors

Minute Maid is adding a twist to their lineup with the launch of three new items: Lemonade with Mint, Spicy Watermelon Lemonade, and Peach with Ginger Juice Drink. These new Minute Maid flavors are available now in the chilled juice sections of grocery stores across the country.

Taza Agua Debuts New Bottle Designed to Work with K-Cups

Taza Agua, a Costa Rican supplier of pure premium water, has unveiled its latest bottles, designed to optimize the drinking experience for K-Cup coffee, tea and hot chocolate connoisseurs around the world.

Red Bull Expands Editions Line with Three New Flavors

Red Bull is expanding the successful Red Bull Editions line with Red Bull Purple Edition Sugarfree, Red Bull Lime Edition Sugarfree and Red Bull Green Edition offering the wings of Red Bull with the tastes of Açaí Berry, Limeade and Kiwi Apple, respectively.

RIPE Craft Juices Introduces RIPE Bar Juice

Created by entrepreneur Michel Boissy who grew tired of gallon jugs of “day-glo” Margarita mixers, RIPE Bar Juices are redefining consumer expectations of what cocktail mixers can be. The process is simple – start with the best fruits and vegetables, use the absolute minimum in processing, and offer a juice that surpasses all others in freshness, taste, and nutrition.

Genius Leaves Coconut Category In Favor of New “Superfood Smoothies”

Genius Juice has discontinued its organic coconut smoothie line and its place has released a new line of ‘Superfood Smoothies.’ Each bottle contains essential superfoods such as maca and quinoa, along with plant-based protein, with an organic almond milk base.

Stur Introduces Lemonade and Grape Acai Flavors

Stur is adding two new flavors to its line of liquid drink mixes: Lemonade and Grape Acai. They are made from real fruit extracts and sweetened with stevia, and boast on-trend consumer benefits like sugar-free, zero calorie, high antioxidant vitamin C, certified Kosher and they are entirely plant-based.