Veggemo Opens Distribution Networks in Asia

Rob Harrison, President and CEO, states, “I am extremely pleased and excited to enter into this agreement with V-Power, a company of which Global Gardens will hold a substantial equity interest."

Sweet by Nature Launches Two-Ingredient Water Enhancer

The USDA organic certified water enhancers come in easy to use stick sachets that contain zero sugar, zero sweeteners, no calories and is naturally caffeine free. In addition, each Sweet by Nature powdered sachet contains more antioxidants than the U.S. recommended daily requirement.

Amazon Dash Button for SOS Hydration Now Available

Amazon Dash Button for SOS Hydration, which is exclusively available for Amazon Prime members, allows athletes and active individuals to conveniently ensure a hydrated lifestyle.

Scottish Soft Drink IRN-BRU Reveals New Packaging

The new IRN-BRU packs featuring updated graphics that recall the “Made in Scotland from girders” message from previous was launched earlier in the year through the UK and several weeks ago in the US.

Long Island Iced Tea Now Available At Sedano’s Supermarkets

Philip Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, stated, “We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Sedano’s, a premier supermarket with strong ties to the Hispanic community that strives to provide excellent value to its customers."

Lewis Jaffe Joins Board At Reed’s As Independent Director

Mr. Jaffe is considered an “independent” director and will serve on the board until the 2016 annual meeting where he will be a candidate on the slate of directors being presented by the Company to all shareholders.

Agua Brands Signs Partnership With Bevi Water Coolers

Agua’s brand mission to provide optimal hydration without sacrificing great taste was a natural fit with Bevi’s mission to “Enjoy water more. Enjoy more water,” with environmentally friendly machines convenient for water customization that let users customize beverages in seconds with a variety of all natural and healthy flavor options for its users.

High Performance Sports Drink To Debut New Flavor

After several months of working with Allen Flavors and various focus groups in order to perfect its new flavor, the Company believes it has the long awaited lemon/lime product ready to be tasted by consumers.