Preliminary BevNET Live Winter 2015 Agenda Posted

As always, we’ve added a bunch of fun speakers and panelists that we haven’t yet publicized -- for those of you who have already signed up, your faith has been rewarded; for those of you who haven’t, maybe this will remind you that you need to contact the team and register before things sell out.

Review: Stumptown Grand Cru

As far as bottled cold brew coffee goes, Stumptown Grand Cru represents the gold standard. That said, the differences between this product and Stumptown's regular cold brew offerings will probably only be appreciated by hardcore coffee enthusiasts in the same way that some may (or may not) appreciate the nuances of red wine.

Premama Prez Talks $1.4 Million Financing Round

The announcement followed what had already been a busy year for the Providence-based brand, which added lactation and fertility supplements to complement its Premama Essentials line of prenatal vitamin drink mixes in July.

Publisher’s Toast: Full Cycle

I have an unabashed love of all things beverage. For 24 years now I’ve have the pleasure of being a part of the joy that this industry has to give. I consider myself lucky to be sought as counsel and sounding board, to have been brought on as an informal critic for launches, re-positions and postmortems for hundreds of brands.

Review: Bramo Coffee

The premise of Bramo is straightforward: package organic, cold brew coffee concentrate in a format that’s convenient for travel and on-the-go preparation. To achieve this, Bramo uses a 2 oz. resealable pouch that’s designed to be emptied into a glass and then refilled twice with water to help the consumer easily mix the right blend.

Goldman Reduces Role at Honest, Transitions to “TeaEO Emeritus”

The plan is for Goldman to remain at Honest in an at-large capacity, scouting for new interesting brands for its parent unit, Coke’s Venturing and Emerging Brands group, where he has already helped at least serve as a source of information about Coke for other entrepreneurs who have been purchased by the company.

NOSH L.A. Educates, Inspires Emerging Brands

Featuring upwards of 20 seasoned experts from the space as presenters and panelists, the audience of entrepreneurs were treated to an educational event that dove deep into an accelerating and evolving natural and organic foods world that has become more norm than niche.

Review: FATwater

Bulletproof’s “Fat Water” is a low-calorie beverage that takes one of the brand's foundational ingredients, XCT Oil, and uses it in a ready-to-drink form. Along with the name FATwater being something that's eye-catching, it bucks the trend of food and beverage brands that are trying to sell you on fat-free or low-fat products.

BevNET Live Winter ’15 is Less Than 30 Days Away! Are You Registered?

BevNET Live Winter ’15 is less than 30 days away! Hundreds of beverage industry professionals, including investors, distributors and retailers, are already signed up for the conference, which is being held on Dec. 7 and 8 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif. Seats are filling up fast, and if you haven’t already, now is the time to reserve your seat.

Spice Attacks the Beverage Aisle

Demand for peppery potables has not only generated a significant amount of innovation in the spirits category, the non-alcoholic beverage side of the market is also evolving. Spicy ingredients are making their way into a number of beverage categories at a steady rate, often used to enhance the final product rather than showcased a primary taste.

Tio Gazpacho Rounding Out $500K Raise

Soup-in-a-bottle brand Tio Gazpacho is aiming to wrap up a $500,000 round of funding that will be used primarily to expand sales and marketing of its high pressure processed, organic gazpacho products, according to company founder Austin Allan.

Review: Bolthouse Farms’ 1915 Juice

1915 is Bolthouse Farms' entry to the cold-pressed, HPP juice space. Visually, the company has taken a unique approach to the packaging, which is to add a square-shaped cap to a very square-shaped bottle. To that end, the bottle will -- at least right now -- be memorable simply for its shape.