Review: High Brew Coffee

Formulated with cold brew coffee and cream sweetened with a blend of stevia and cane sugar, High Brew made its depy at the 2014 Expo West show. The drinks are packaged in 8 oz. slim cans, shelf-stable and come in four varieties — Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Mocha High Brew Coffee. From both a flavor and packaging standpoint, the review team enjoyed the coffee, though some refinement could be helpful.

Review: FLUROwater

Infused with 14 nutrients and 6g of fiber, FLUROwater is promoted as “Water + Nutrition.” The formulation of the beverages contains no sugar, preservatives, or dyes. While this is all well and good, it’s not clear how this product is better than other products that are fortified with nutrients.

Review: Cold Stone Milk Shakers

In collaboration with Steuben Foods, Cold Stone Creamery recently launched Milk Shakers, a line of ready-to-drink shakes that come in three decadent varieties. It’s clear that the goal of the brand is to translate the decadent flavors of Cold Stone into a convenient on-the-go product. With flavors that reach 450 calories and 15g of fat per bottle, the line is certainly decadent.

Drinking to Live

Green juice. Protein-jacked shakes. Oat-based smoothies. Probiotic, drinkable yogurts. With the category having such an unclear identity, meal replacement has yet to define itself.

Review: Jax Coco (250 mL Bottles)

Using Philippine coconut water, the 250 mL glass bottles of Jax Coco are filed in China. It’s a pretty unique product from a packaging perspective — you really don’t see many products in glass or at this small size. But is the bottle enough to differentiate the brand from other coconut waters?

Review: Marquis Vitality Energy Drink

Marketed as a “Vitality Energy Drink,” is a USDA certified organic energy drink that is made with zero calories and no sugar. On the branding end of things, we’re honestly a little confused as to what this product is trying to be. It feels very much like a product that is attempting to go after night clubs, but the messaging, which includes tagline “The Smart Choice,” seems to be more focused on selling a “better for you” product.