Review: East Imperial Mixers

East Imperial is a New Zealand-based beverage company that produces a line of high-end tonic and mixers. Packaged in 5 oz. glass bottles with an old world look and textured label, we think that the high end vibe that will certainly work well on-premise.

RealBeanz in Real Trouble?

According to multiple sources, the Brooklyn-based company, which markets a line of bottled iced coffees and made functionality a key point of differentiation from competing products, has laid off most of its staff and is said to be seeking a new infusion of capital in hopes of a restaging its coffee line.

Review: Alley Cat Fruit Tea

Alley Cat is a Tennessee-style “fruit tea” that contains 48 percent juice, including orange juice, pineapple juice and lemon juice (all from concentrate). For us, the formulation feels much more like a juice cocktail than anything that resembles tea.

Review: Bruce Tea

Bruce Tea is a new tea brand that is -- as you might have guessed -- named after the well-known martial arts expert/actor. The teas come in two lines, one bottled and one canned, the latter positioned as somewhat of an energy drink offering. Overall, we enjoyed the formulation of the products, yet while Bruce Lee is certainly an icon, his appeal on a tea product some 40 years after his death is certainly hard to gauge.