From Vitaminwater’s Roots, Many Branches

The new generation of enhanced and functional waters features nuances that magnify the differences between Smartwater and Vitaminwater while forming the core branches of the family tree.

Review: Forto Strong Coffee Shot

The concept behind Forto is to provide the caffeine of two cups of coffee in a 2 oz. shot. The liquid is made with organic and fair trade coffee and the package looks like a miniature version of the type of to-go coffee cup that you’ll find at many coffee retailers (the paper cup with the plastic sipper lid). On the surface, this sounds like an interesting approach.

Review: Temple Turmeric Super Blends

Temple Turmeric has updated the branding and formulation of its "Super Blends" sub-line. We think that the company done a fine job in the evolution of its Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee, Matcha Latte and Mexican Chocolate products, all of which have been improved upon the original versions.

Moringa Moves to Be the Superfood of the Moment

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a tree grown in subtropical areas of Central and South America, Africa and South Asia. The moringa tree’s seeds and leaves are both edible. However, it’s the leaves that are being heralded by Western companies as a superfood.

Peet's to Acquire Majority Stake in Intelligentsia

Just weeks after Peet’s Coffee & Tea announced that it would acquire third-wave coffee darling Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the company is making another blockbuster investment in the super-premium coffee segment, today announcing that it has agreed to buy a majority stake in specialty roaster and retailer Intelligentsia Coffee.

News Skoop: Mix1 Founders Back in the Game

For Greg Stroh, Healthy Skoop represents an opportunity to avoid many of the challenges associated with ready-to-drink products, including the formulation blunders and distribution woes that he encountered with mix1, while still offering shelf-stable, healthy and innovative food options for consumers.

Reaction to the Peet’s/Stumptown Deal

While consumer reaction to the deal varied (some fretted about the possibility of decline in quality of Stumptown coffee), industry executives and analysts largely praised it as one that will build upon growing awareness and demand for packaged cold brew products.

Review: Fresh Juice by Ripe Craft Juice

FreshBev recently launched a new line of juice blends that, like the company's Ripe Bar Juice and Ripe Craft Juice, are cold-pressed and high pressure processed. Simply named "Fresh Juice," the beverages are currently made and sold for Whole Foods Markets. Visually, it’s pretty easy to grasp what the products are all about, but the large checklist of ingredients on the front panel is a bit of a distraction.

REBBL Names Sheryl O’Loughlin CEO

O’Loughlin’s 25-year career in food and beverages began with stints at food giants Kraft and Quaker Oats, followed by a decade at Clif Bar, the last three years of which she spent as CEO.

5-hour Energy Founder Invests in Global Change

Eleven years since the launch of 5-hour Energy, sales of the energy shots have made founder Manoj Bhargava a billionaire several times over. He’s already pledged to give the vast majority of that wealth to charitable causes before he dies. Now he’s using some of his money to fuel innovation that addresses global health and sustainability issues.