Review: Gatorade Organic

The notion of Gatorade Organic brings mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a totally logical extension that is, honestly, long overdue. But on the other hand...

BevNET Live Winter 2016 Agenda Is Now Available

As always, we’ve tucked a couple of surprises in there that we haven’t been able to announce yet -- like our series of interviews with investors you should know, this time featuring Blueberry Ventures’ founder Arif Fazal and Fenwick Brands CEO Melissa Baker. Both talks will get inside the philosophies and partnership opportunities concerning these new -- but vital -- funds.

Podcast: Why Investors Love Brands Focused on Systematic Change

In this edition of the podcast, we sit down with Mark Rampolla, the founder of Zico and the co-founder and managing partner Powerplant Ventures. As part of a broad-ranging discussion, Rampolla explains why food and beverage investors are embracing ideas that meld idealism and technology and what’s driving systematic changes in the food industry.

Celsius Posts Record Q3 Revenues

Speaking during a conference call to announce the results, Celsius CEO Gerry David said that increased sales volume was the underlying driver of revenues during the third quarter.

Review: Shamrock Farms Takes a Dairy Approach to Cold Brew

As one might expect from a dairy producer, Shamrock Farms' new cold brew drinks are very heavy on the milk; the coffee flavor is secondary. That being said, the quality of the coffee -- and its benefits over coffee that is hot-brewed -- are much harder to discern.

Taxes On Sugary Drinks Sweep To Victory

Proposition V in San Francisco, which calls for a penny-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages charged to distributors, passed by 62 percent to 38 percent.

Review: Glow’s Niche is Too Narrow

Glow is a two-SKU line of functional supplements designed to help promote hydration, energy, and recovery. The company offers “Hydration” and “Energy” varieties, both of which appear to have the same flavor. Regardless of variety name, their primary purpose appears to be to reduce the effects of a hangover.

NACS 2016 Video: Forto Shots Aim High

Combining organic, fair trade cold brew coffee, 200 mg of caffeine and milk, Forto’s shelf-stable shots are positioned to offer a potent energy boost for consumers on-the-go, according to CEO and founder Neel Premkumar.