Review: Black Medicine Iced Coffee

In a custom production process that includes "pressure brewing" the coffee, Black Medicine markets a line of three ready-to-drink iced coffee products. Having sampled the brand's mocha and latte varieties, we were floored by the smoothness, balance and flavor of the coffee.

FDA to Columbia Gorge: Revise HPP Juice HACCP Plan

In a warning letter dated March 25, 2015, the FDA wrote that the company has failed to include in its plan “control measures that will consistently produce, at a minimum, a 5-log reduction of pertinent microorganisms, for a period as long as the shelf life of the product when stored under normal and moderate abuse conditions.”

Review: Red Thread Good Cold Brew Coffee

Red Thread Good markets a line of USDA organic and fair trade cold-brewed coffees that come in both ready-to-drink and concentrated varieties. In our review of the brand's Purist and Dreamy products, we think the company has done well with formulation, but the product’s logo could use a bit of refinement.

FBU Chicago: Bill Weiland’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

Weiland will offer his take on the key characteristics of companies that help small food and beverage companies grow and move into the big leagues of retailing, as well as some of the most important practices they have demonstrated to stay there. He will also talk about his own turf -- a devoted native of Chicagoland, Weiland will provide his take on the growth pattern and key accounts for brands incubating in the Midwest.