Review: Bruce Cost Original Spicy GB

Bruce Cost’s Original Spicy GB is the company's most recent offering in an 8.4 oz. can. Compared with its 12 oz. line, this seems like a much more appropriate portion. From a flavor perspective, this is still very much the Bruce Cost Ginger Ale that we know and love.

Brynwood Partners to Acquire Sunny Delight Beverages Co.

The deal, announced via press release Thursday, will see Brynwood Partners acquire Sunny Delight’s three beverage brands - Sunny D, Fruit2O and Veryfine - and the company’s four production facilities, located across the United States.

Review: Love Beets with a Hint of Ginger

This variety of Love Beets starts with a base of organic beet juice, just like the brand's other varieties. From there, the company has added what it describes as a “hint of ginger,” despite ginger juice being labeled as 6 percent of the formulation. While it’s definitely more than a “hint,” the product isn’t really spicy.

Sipp Hits the Target

Sipp Sparkling Organics today announced that, beginning in March, four of the brand’s varieties will be carried by 1,200 Target stores across the U.S.

Review: Lemoncocco

For all of the wild and crazy products that Jones Soda has come up with since its inception (e.g. Turkey & Gravy Soda), we were quite surprised to see Lemoncocco land on our desks. The product, which is non-carbonated, is a play on a classic Italian lemon and coconut drink.

Voss Water Sells Majority Stake to Reignwood Group

Voss CEO Jack Belsito discussed the investment in a call with BevNET Monday evening, saying that the company had begun scouting potential strategic investors about a year ago, eventually connecting with Reignwood Group via Goldman Sachs, which served as an advisor to Voss throughout the process.

Review: Zpirit Infuzed Water

The concept behind Zpirit Infuzed Water is something that we haven’t seen before: adding fruit chunks to a flavored water.

Essentia Expands DSD Network with Honickman Group and Hensley

The latest gains in distribution further Essentia’s pursuit of becoming a mainstream player within the greater premium bottled water segment -- one that continues to thrive amidst the decline in consumption of carbonated soft drinks.

Industry Responds to New Federal Dietary Guidelines

Beyond hopefully impacting the way consumers’ shop, the guidelines can have dramatic impacts on programs funded by federal dollars, which must now conform to the set standards.

Reivew: Daily Greens Half Pint – New Varieties

Daily Greens has extended its Half Pint sub-line with three new probiotics-infused varieties. Launched at Costco, Daily Greens' Cocoa Loco, Berry Nice and Greenie are excellent additions to the Half Pint line and well-positioned for mainstream retail.