NOW AVAILABLE: BevNET’s 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show Planner

The 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show, one of the largest conventions for the specialty, natural, and gourmet food and beverage industries, begins this Sunday in San Francisco. For attendees, we’ve compiled a useful list that will help you navigate the floor and reach the 75 beverage companies and beverage-related exhibitors at the event.

Review: Powered ON

The label update for Powered ON (which debuted as ON Beverages) looks cleaner than its initial effort. However, we feel as though it still looks a bit too technical to the point where it doesn’t appeal to one’s senses as well as it could.

Review: TumericALIVE Super Blends

TumericALIVE has extended its line of turmeric-infused beverages with a trio of "Super Blends." The high pressure processed elixirs include three distinct varieties, including a cold-brew coffee product, a matcha drink and a chocolate-infused beverage. Without a doubt, the company has done exceedingly well with the formulations.

Review: Yuvia Coconut Water

Yuvia Pure is a not from concentrate coconut water that is made with young coconuts from Brazil. The product, which claims to not add any sugar, has a slightly sweeter and less salty flavor than what we’ve seen in other brands. However, we can’t say that product this is preferable to those that add sugar.

Review: Vermont Tapped

Vermont Tapped, which is a product from the same company that produces the TreTap line of beverages, is an “enhanced” maple water beverage. The enhancement is maple syrup, which has been combined with maple water, maple flavor, citric acid and carbon dioxide to create a zero-calorie product that drinks like a flavored seltzer.