Review: Zotiko

Promoted as “Premium hydration for a Waterfull Life,” Zotiko is an enhanced water/isotonic that is fortified with electrolytes, lightly flavored with cucumber and mint flavorings and sweetened with a touch of sugar and stevia. All in all, we like what’s inside the bottle. The outside of the bottle, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Review: Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee

With about a dozen company-owned retail outlets and a popular retail and wholesale coffee bean business, Blue Bottle Coffee is a name that is well known in the high end coffee circuit. With the cold-brew coffee category heating up, it’s no surprise that Blue Bottle is throwing its hat in the ring with this product, a New Orleans Iced Coffee.

Suja’s Tea Time

Suja Juice Co. announced Tuesday the national, Whole Foods-exclusive launch of a four-SKU line of high pressure processed (HPP) teas that features an unsweetened, biodynamic black tea.

Review: Lumen Water

Lumen Water is an ultra-premium bottled water that touts itself as one of the purest and softest tasting waters on the market. The product, which currently comes packaged in a 500 mL plastic bottle with a chrome top, definitely presents itself well. As a luxury water brand, however, it feels like this product would be better off in glass…

Review: EnerBee

EnerBee Organic Energy, which promotes itself as being made with organic honey, comes in a single variety: Lemon Green Tea. While we do think the company has successfully communicated that the product is a honey-based energy drink, the packaging feels a bit too aggressive and dark to be credible as a “better-for-you” offering.