True Drinks Announces New Bottling Agreement

In a press release, True Drinks CEO Lance Leonard said the new partnership “allows True Drinks to focus resources on the sales and marketing of AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water and removes the capital-intensive process of procurement, transportation and manufacturing of our product.”

Review: Pok Pok Som Soda

Last month, Pok Pok Som launched a new line of bottled sodas that are made with the brand's drinking vinegar concentrate. Pok Pok Som Soda comes in four varieties -- Turmeric, Ginger, Grapefruit and Thai Basil -- and appears to be a concept that could take drinking vinegar to the masses more quickly than a concentrate product. However, there is a bit of work to do on the label.

Sri Lanka Gold Aims to Seize Space in HPP Coconut Water

As for the hefty challenge of competing with Harmless Harvest or any of its distant second place contenders like UNOCO, Invo or Pure Brazilian, Sri Lanka Gold is looking to separate itself from the pack by hanging its hat on Sri Lanka’s orange (or “gold”) king coconut, indigenous to the island country.

Review: Confluence Coffee Oaked Cold Brew

Confluence Coffee’s take on a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee is a unique one that incorporates elements of both third-wave coffee and craft beer. It’s cold-brewed, oaked, and filled in a 12 oz. can with nitrogen. The resulting product is flavorful, although it might be slightly hard to get past the oaky flavor.

Review: Vertical Water

Vertical Water, which is one of the pioneers of the nascent maple water category, has refreshed its packaging and messaging. We think there’s still a lot of work to be done to develop the maple water category, but Vertical Water’s latest update definitely feels like something that will help it continue to be a key player.

Humm Kombucha Teams Up with the Seattle Seahawks

All nine of the Bend, Oregon-based brand’s flavors are now available for purchase at CenturyLink Field’s new Grab and Go Market and Humm’s two best-selling flavors - Pomegranate Lemonade and Coconut Lime - are also available for sale on tap at the stadium.

Video: A Recap of NACS 2015

Many beverage exhibitors at the 2015 NACS show indicated that convenience store operators are -- like their counterparts in grocery and club -- increasingly looking to add natural and better-for-you beverages to their shelves and coolers. It’s a trend that, for C-stores, has been bubbling at the surface for years, but appears to have achieved significant traction over the past 12 months.

Beverage School at BevNET Live Winter ‘15 – Register for Your Seat

Held on Sunday, Dec. 6 -- the day before BevNET Live Winter '15 begins -- at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., Beverage School is an intensive, half-day “Beverages 101″ program that will provide participants with valuable information geared toward early-stage entrepreneurs and industry newcomers, including lessons on product development, sales and marketing, supply chain management, distribution and more.

Review: Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here, an L.A.-based retailer of cold-pressed juices, recently added a line of high pressure processed blends to its portfolio. From "raw soup" to a blend of coconut water, coconut cream and activated charcoal, Juice Served Here has done well to craft an interesting variety of products.

Monster Energy Being Sold in 20 McDonald’s Stores

While McDonald’s declined to say if it would add Monster products to more locations, the test is one of a number of recent attempts by the company -- including the addition of an all-day breakfast menu and a kale burger -- to breathe new life into its stores, which have seen sliding sales since 2012.

Project NOSH LA: Preliminary Agenda Posted

Speakers come from hot brands like Health Warrior, 479° Popcorn, Krave Jerky, Barnana, Hail Merry, PopCorners, and Tate’s Bake Shop; from distributors like KeHE and Presence Marketing; retailers like Kroger and Thrive Market, and investors from VMG, ACG, Boulder Food Group, and more.

Review: Boylan Heritage

Boylan Bottling Co. has introduced a new line of bottled cocktail mixers. The line comes in three varieties: Club Soda, Tonic and Ginger. It's a well-crafted extension of the Boylan brand and a welcome addition to the fast-growing category of craft mixers.