Review: GuS Dry Blackberry

While the flavor is definitely not so far off from that of GuS' pomegranate variety, this product is certainly a bit more classic in terms of its flavor and positioning. That being said, this is definitely a nice bolt-on product for the brand, and one that fits in with the rest of the flavors in terms of its execution.

Review: Red Bull Editions – New Total Zero Varieties

At the 2014 NACS show, Red Bull unveiled an expansion of its Editions line with new Orange and Cherry varieties, each of which are zero-calorie formulations. While the new products are worthy of the Red Bull name, it’s tough to get overly excited about this from a category innovation standpoint as they definitely feels more opportunistic in nature.

Review: Bai Bubbles

With seven varieties in the Bai5 Bubbles lineup, we had a hard time figuring out which ones to focus in on. While some are better than others, none of them disappoint, especially against other zero- or similarly low-calorie products.

Review: Unoco Coconut Water

Unoco’s Raw Coconut Water is a high pressure processed, “raw” coconut water that comes in a single flavor. The liquid is intentionally pink; when exposed to light, the high phenol content in the coconut water gives it the color. It's certainly one way to separate the brand from competing versions, and Unoco has taken a step further with a highly differentiated label.

Review: Dust Cutter Lemonade

Now in its second rendition, the premise of Dust Cutter is slightly revised. This time around, you’ll still find a mainstream-oriented, sugar-sweetened (with a touch of stevia) beverage at the product’s core, but the added ginseng and B vitamins have been removed. This leaves the product focused exclusively on refreshment, which is certainly what it does best.